DJ Ermi – Hands E.P.

Hot project from our friend DJ Ermi: the hands of the title relate to his friends contribution to it. In Everybody, he teams up with producer Malekà to create an unmissable trippy deep landscape. In Tonight, with the collaboration of Tomateck, the vibe is much more funk oriented. If you like you music organic, try this one out. With “The First Violin” we welcome Miss. Gracy Lagana’. Her magic touch captured us at first listen.
A solid, well conceived EP, first one on our catalogue, and we’re proud it’s from our man DJ Ermi.

MALEKA’ aka Giuseppe Caiazzo is an electronic music composer and a DJ/turntablist. He comes to his project/netlabel Silence+OtherSounds after several years of DJing, producing beats, remixing  and playing gigs with SbirroFunk (Dubspot Records, RecordKicks, LaidBackRadio, GiantStep), a previous project recognized as one of the most interesting “cinematic sound” realities in Italy. The name Silence+OtherSounds is a sincere stealing from the late 70’s soul singer Roxy Robinson, who made a record in the glorious Italo-disco era, collaborating with renowned Italian musicians of the time (even if Roxy has not exercised particular influence on Selfscape). Not exactly a club maniac, Giuseppe spends many and many hours alone in his studio and sometimes with other musicians/friends who gladly help him during nocturnal recording sessions. In more than 10 years of activity in the underground (literally, his home studio is located in a basement), G. found time to learn congas (mainly tumbao and samba), graduate in engineering, earn a PhD and working as a researcher in Naples, his hometown.

GRACY LAGANA’ began studying the violin at 6 years old and graduated from the Conservatory with honors. She has worked with major italian orchestras. Since 1997 she has been playing regulary in the first violins of the San Carlo Theatre orchestra. She is an eclectic violinist and loves to play on her instrument, from jazz to electronic music creating new and particular atmospheres.

DJ Ermi -Hands EP (DCR008)

1) Everybody (Original Mix) – Written and Produced and arranged by Ermanno Somma and Giuseppe Caiazzo for Double Cheese Records.

2) Everybody (Deep Dub Mix) – Written and Produced and arranged by Ermanno Somma and Giuseppe Caiazzo for Double Cheese Records.

3) Tonight (Original Mix) – Written and Produced and arranged by Ermanno Somma and Tommaso Scarabino for Double Cheese Records.

4) My First Violin (Original Mix) – Written and Produced and arranged by Ermanno Somma and Antonietta Paternoster for Double Cheese Records.

DJs Feedbacks:
Nice and mellow, just the way it should be..thanks for sharing..full support! Osunlade
Nice ep! Luis Radio
Thanks so much! full support! DJ B-Liv
Tonight – BEST MIX!!! Marco Corvino
Full support to this Double Cheese Dj Ermi package! Mauritzio
Wow !! DJ Ermi Kills it again on this!!! The First Violin is such a beautiful piece of music and once its in your head, very difficult to leave…LOL. Again, but in a more clubby vein, Everybody (Deep Dub Mix) is another instrumental smash with amazing keys and a beautiful melody.. Love It!!! The original mix is another dancefloor driven Club Bumper !!! Tonight….My favourite track on this astonishing EP… Mega Synths, Piano, killer bassline, and a dancefloor groove, I’m in heaven !!! Many thanks DJ Ermi and the team behind Double Cheeze, I wish you well with the release, this Jazzy House Bomb deserves to do very well indeed. FULL SUPPORT !!!!! Alan Powell
Nice package… especially the beautiful violin solo by Gracy Lagana. Covered on my blog. Manutek
Great EP from DJ Ermi & guests, top quality as usual at Double Cheese Records. “Tonight” is my favorite 1. dEEP DJOE
Music for my ears, I love the whole ep. Support! Fabry Diglio
Amazing pack, the production is on point and I love the funk feeling to the tracks. Mangesto
DJ Ermi is showing how deep house is DONE….5/5 all the package will be great for my set…Full Support. Junior White
Very nice deep vibes! Vincent Kwok
DJ Ermi is back with the “Hands EP” where he teams up with Maleka for a deep spacy excursion on “Everybody”, then together with Tomateck he gives us the organic funktified “Together”. Finally there is wonderful laidback “The first violin” featuring Gracy Lagana. Mike Fossati