Lenny Fontana

Lenny Fontana does not need any introduction. Over the past years he has shown to be a leader who sets new trends in dance music.

In terms of production, Lenny’s big international break came with the song “What You Need”, produced by him under the name Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden, which instantaneously hit the top 15 on the pop charts which locked a spot in the 11 position in the U.K.and Europe. The year after he had the hit with Defected came another big record that hit top 20 in the UK which was “Chocolate Sensation” which was released on FFRR/Warners.

Travels and plays gigs regularly worldwide, and is setting his new imprint Karma Power Records.

For Double Cheese Records has remixed Luyo’s “Hungry For Love” creating a contemporary hit with the classic house music vibe.